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The most trusted payment technology for professionals

We built the AffiniPay Payment Platform from the ground up to serve the unique needs of professional services industries. We strive to achieve 100% availability for customers and we back that up with real-world performance. We manage more than 11 million transactions and process $10 billion per year for more than 150,000 professionals, with an uptime percentage of 99.991%.

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and E-check

Unmatched security

Because our technology is proprietary, it's our responsibility to provide unparalleled protection for the sensitive data that passes through our gateway. Our approach to security is holistic, with our systems and our team playing equally important roles. We limit access to critical systems to the smallest number of individuals possible and take a proactive position on security, including:

  • Reviewing all code for security vulnerabilities
  • Actively monitoring our systems for anomalies
  • Auditing system changes
  • Enforcing multi-factor authentication on all of our tools
  • Holding yearly security training for all employees

Advanced data protection

Through our system's end to end encryption and tokenization, we keep end user data protected and keep our partners out of scope for PCI.

Everything you need for any integration

Open APIs ›

Take your product to market by integrating a proven, industry-specific solution rather than building something from scratch. We have an open, documented API platform based on REST-ful best practices, which make it easy to build custom payment integrations. We have native language bindings for Microsoft.NET, PHP, and Ruby.

Full-service, developer-focused support ›

At AffiniPay, we support your developers and your product with simple yet robust technology that is easy to implement and just works! Our dedicated integrations support team is here to answer any questions you might have to ensure your integration is successful. You can access our comprehensive library of API documentation at https://developers.affinipay.com.

In-house support for your users ›

Don't trust your business and your reputation to a generic payment processor who doesn't understand and won't support you or your users. We're committed to assisting your users and their clients with best-in-class, onsite support from our in-office team of Certified Payments Professionals.

Leave compliance to us

Our technology exceeds the highest industry standards for internet security and PCI Level 1 compliance. To ensure the continuation of these superior standards, we receive quarterly scans and an annual on-site audit from a qualified, independent security assessor. Our most recent AOC is available upon request.

PCI certified

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