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In Beyond the Payment, AffiniPay’s Keely Leonard will explore topical subject matter as it relates to technology and payments, alongside other AffiniPay and outside experts. Beyond the Payment will focus on one topic per episode and explore anything that lives within the realm of business and technology. Tune-in as Keely journeys through the tech world in Beyond the Payment.

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    Season 2, Episode 3: Perfecting Customer Communication

    In this episode of Beyond the Payment, Keely Leonard sits down to talk with Bryan Lieber and McKay Allen about perfecting customer communication. Both Bryan and McKay have over 10 years of marketing and communications experience, which means they have plenty of great insight and advice to share. In this episode, you can expect to hear:

    -Details about the LawPay + Kenect integration -Advice and recommendations about customer communications -Entertaining stories from McKay’s time as a news reporter

    And more!

    Learn more about Kenect here: Learn how to get started with Kenect and LawPay here:

    Learn more about Bryan Lieber
    Bryan Lieber is the Vice President of Brand Management at AffiniPay, with over 15 years of experience in marketing, strategy, and business management roles. Bryan’s team works hand-in-hand with the marketing organization to build AffiniPay’s brands and maintain customer satisfaction through product marketing and communications. Read More

    Learn more about McKay Allen
    McKay Allen is the Vice President of Marketing at Kenect. Kenect is a texting platform used by more than 5000 law firms across North America. Law firms use Kenect to communicate effectively with their clients via texting, generate online reviews with texting, collect payments with texting and even streamline intake and capture more leads. McKay is a CLE-approved presenter in multiple states and has spoken at ABA events, ALA events, and more than 400 legal webinars and seminars during his career. McKay lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and 2 sons. Read More
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    Season 2, Ep. 2: Rafael Manias - Thomson Reuters + Melissa Chambers - AffiniPay

    In this episode of Beyond the Payment, Keely Leonard sits down to talk with Melissa Chambers and Rafael Manias about their approaches to supporting client success. Listen to the episode to hear:

    • How Rafael and Melissa got their respective starts in legal tech
    • Details on the Thomson Reuters + LawPay integration and how it can help your firm
    • Tips on how to manage and ensure your client’s success

    And more!

    Learn more about Thomson Reuters here: Learn how to get started with LawPay and Thomson Reuters here:

    Learn more about Melissa Chambers
    Melissa joined the LawPay team in 2009 and works with clients and potential clients to help them manage payments and grow revenue in their firms. In 2019, she was appointed as a member of the PDAC committee for the Association of Legal Administrators. Read More

    Learn more about Rafael Manias
    Rafael joined Thomson Reuters 4 years ago but has been working with technology and SaaS solutions for over 20 years. More recently, he works with law firms helping them automate their Firm and Financial solutions, in the cloud. Thus allowing the firms to focus on more pressing issues and saving money along the way. In his spare time he loves to spend his days fishing with his two beautiful girls or in the gym watching them play basketball. Read More
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    Season 2, Episode 1: Women in Leadership

    In this episode of Beyond the Payment, Keely Leonard sits down to talk with Dru Armstrong and Keren Douek about the topic of Women in Leadership. Both Dru and Keren are CEOs of their companies and have founded their own businesses. In this episode, you can expect to hear:

    • Advice from Dru and Keren for young women in leadership roles
    • How and why Keren started BOTS
    • Dru’s perspective on how to implement change as the CEO of an established company

    And more!

    Learn more about BOTS here:

    Learn how to get started with LawPay and BOTS here:

    Learn more about Dru Armstrong
    Dru Armstrong is the CEO at AffiniPay, bringing over 13 years of experience in consumer and product technology development and management. Armstrong is a leader on topics including innovation, diversity and inclusion, and verticalized software. Read More

    Learn more about Keren Douek
    Keren Douek is the CEO of BOTS, and the creator of multiple chatbots, including Shelley Bot, an AI candidate advocate that lives in the HR and recruitment sphere, MJ, a cannabis consultant and expert, and Justice Cy, a chatbot developed to get clients started in building their own legal chatbot. She is passionate about bringing personalized chatbots to different industries, and in doing so, making technology a resource for anyone, including those who don’t come from a tech background. Read More